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    31 August 2021

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    31 August 2021

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    16 September 2021

Episode 4: The Gateway to Greater Possibilities

September 7, 2021

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The Gateway to Greater Possibilities

You know the difference between good vs. great. 

Now, how do you go from the good place to the great place? What does the path to greatness look like?

It looks like a blank canvas. 

In this episode we explore the place of limitless possibilities and I’m sharing the six ways that I’ve learned how to get started. You will have an understanding of what these possibilities could look like for you. 

We’re also talking about what you can do to shift your risk tolerance. Why? Because risk produces greatness. 

Remember that good is free, but greatness will cost you something. 

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About Lori Pelzer

CEO of Girlgobegreat Lifestyle Success Co.

Lori is teaching women to DEFY everything that good stands for. In every episode she’s crushing the notion “good is good enough" and reshaping the way women feel and see Greatness.


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