• Episode 1: The Good Notion vs Great Paradigm

    31 August 2021

  • Episode 3: Why Good is Dangerous

    31 August 2021

  • Episode 4: The Gateway to Greater Possibilities

    07 September 2021

Episode 2: The Journey of Lori from Good to Great

August 31, 2021

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The Journey of Lori from Good to Great

This episode we are getting into some heavy stuff. 

Real stuff. 

I’m going to tell you about my story and share with you some of my background, things I’ve struggled with, and things I’ve overcome. As a warning, this episode does include some detailed topics of sexual abuse, teen pregnancy, and suicidal thoughts. 

We’re also going to talk about why going to school saved my life when I was growing up. I understood that I was born into a situation that was never going to give me greatness. 

Do you see greatness when you think about your life? If your answer is no, then know that I was where you are. And if I can go from where I was to where I am now, then I know you can too. Anyone can. 

If you’re in that place where achieving greatness feels impossible, I hope this episode will lift you up and change your outlook. 

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About Lori Pelzer

CEO of Girlgobegreat Lifestyle Success Co.

Lori is teaching women to DEFY everything that good stands for. In every episode she’s crushing the notion “good is good enough" and reshaping the way women feel and see Greatness.


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